Relaxation Classes


Take time out from it all and give yourself an hour to unwind and deeply relax.


Pregnancy Relaxation Classes


Body to Baby’s pregnancy relaxation classes have been lovingly created to focus on deeply relaxing you.

The aim is to support a more positive and healthier mindset towards birth through guided relaxations, calming breathing techniques and mindset tips, ultimately supporting you to feel empowered, confident and so much calmer about your pregnancy and birth.


Come and join Katy, for a gorgeous slice of pure chilled out relaxation for you and your baby. The class is perfect for whatever stage of pregnancy you are at.

These relaxations are just one of the many techniques you can learn to support a more positive pregnancy and birth, (see our hypnobirthing antenatal courses which cover all the coping techniques you can learn for your birth) which if nurtured and you practice regularly, it can transform the way you view birth and ultimately it can support a more positive birth experience.

So, what do we do during a pregnancy relaxation class?
Each month we will focus on different things and may include:

·       Beautiful breathing exercises to support you during your pregnancy and your birth.

·       Hypnobirthing Relaxations to totally relax you and support a more positive mindset

·       Time to connect with your baby

·       Guided meditation to calm the mind and the body

·       Techniques to support your birth

Come and join us! This class will guarantee a truly blissful calming time for you and for your baby.

When & Where…

The pregnancy relaxation classes run monthly on a Sunday, 2-3 pm, held in the beautiful calming space of the Yoga Loft in Burbage.




Mummy Meditation Classes


As mums we are constantly giving. Sometimes all this giving can make us feel like we are pulled
in so many different directions.

We often feel feeling frazzled, stressed and frustrated which is the exact opposite of what
we want to feel…. Peaceful, grounded, focused, happy, calm, whole, quiet, content? These
words brings us a nice feeling, so let’s make
it happen!


We invite all mummies to come and join Katy at the Mummy Meditation classes to experience an hour of truly blissful calmness and tranquillity.

Meditation classes with Body to Baby, will give you just what you need to switch off, to rejuvenate, to relax blissfully and to take time out that YOU deserve.
Katy will gently guide you through wonderful guided relaxations to relax the mind and relax the body so deeply.

Even science confirms that meditation can help you cope with the demands of motherhood.
Study’s have shown that mummies who take time to relax/meditate, exhibit:

·       significantly less stress

·       less anxiety

·       less psychological distress

·       better manage your emotions

·       experience more self-compassion

·       be more attentive and present with your child/children

·       get a better night’s sleep

·       supports your immune system

·       become more reactive to challenges that motherhood may bring

……how good is that!!!!

Come and join us on the next Mummy Meditation class - you deserve this time, every Mummy does.

When & Where?

The Mummy Meditation classes run monthly on a Sunday, 3:30-4:30 pm, held in the beautiful calming space of the Yoga Loft in Burbage




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